Tina Miller Park

Tina Miller Park is located on 1st street next to City Hall. It is a small park wtih plenty of shade, picnic tables, and play structures. It also has public restrooms.


The park is dedicated in memory to Tina Miller. Her real name was Mary Christina Kleindist Miller. She was a little lady who spent most of her time taking care of her only child, daughter Glenna. Glenna was a special child who required consistent care because she couldn't walk or talk.

Tina wished, that when she passed that the money from her estate would be used for the children of Willamina. Her property, bought by the city is now the City Hall building, and the adjoining land became Tina Miller Park. Set aside for the children of willamina to play and it was all made possible by a lady who thought the most important thing in life was family, and whose daughter was never able to play
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