Trees and shrubs look their best when regularly pruned and taken care of and Willamina sees it as a vital part of beauty, livability, and safety for the city. When they become outgrown, they can be hazardous for pedestrians and motorist.

Owners of property in Willamina are responsible for maintaining trees, shrubs, and other vegetation on their property, this would include the planter strip across the property. A planter strip is the area between the curb and sidewalk. The owners of property with a planter strip are required to maintain them along with their yard.

Overgrown vegetation, such as trees and shrubs can be dangerous for the view of traffic signs as they block the view for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The owner of property with vegetation by signs are responsible for keeping them trimmed to avoid obscuring traffic, stop, or speed signs.

Overgrown vegetation along a side walk or street shouldn’t obstruct pedestrian or vehicle use. Trimming of about 8 feet above a sidewalk is a good rule to follow and 13 feet over a residential street.

Keeping overgrown vegetation trimmed up keeps the City of Willamina looking clean and well cared for; and keeps those on the road and sidewalks safe.

A property owner or renter is responsible for the maintenance of their property and the adjoining right of way.

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