Backflow Prevention

What is backflow testing?

Backflow testing protects both your drinking water and the water supply from the city’s contaminated water that’s flowing back into the system. It examines that the backflow preventer is working properly. A plumber certified in Backflow testing will come out to check your backflow device by assessing its pressure levels. When the backflow isn’t present, untreated or contaminated water can go back into your clean water. Thus checking this system assures your water is safe for drinking and showering. Must be done by a state certified backflow testing company.

All water systems use pipes for specific clean drinking water in, and other pipes used for dirty water out. Backflow happens when decreased pressure levels cause a disruption in the normal flow of the water system. This results in the decrease in water pressure, which causes contaminated wastewater, like from the toilet or hose, to flow through the clean water pipes instead of the waste pipes like it should. This could allow an influx, or pulling of contaminated water in to the system.

There are a few situations that can trigger a backflow issue

  • Heavy water usage from a local public source- fire hydrant used  during a fire
  • Damage to water supply lines
  • Pump failures

A backflow issue might affect you, your neighborhood, or the whole county wide water system; your backflow problem can cause problems for others as well. Having a backflow preventer eliminates the possibility of your wastewater entering the drinking water system.

A backflow preventer unit is installed on your pipes to allow water to only flow one direction. As these take the worry away from the wastewater getting into the drinking water; they do need to be tested annually.

The testing’s purpose is to see if there is a backflow problem and then determine what is causing it. Usually it requires to temporally disconnect from your water service, this is why a certified company for backflow testing needs to be done.

State law requires that backflow prevention devices be installed on any connection to main property water lines. This would include: fire, landscape sprinklers, outdoor pools, water heaters, and more. It also requires backflow devices on commercial buildings such as: hospitals, industrial facilities, and food or beverage processing. This includes “do-it-yourself” projects.

The state also requires that all backflow devices be tested annually and in working order by the last day of the calendar year.

The City of Willamina does not promote or endorse any specific business, vender, or aftermarket products. Citizens and business owners have the right to hire the vender of their choosing and should take precautionary steps to research any company or product to protect themselves against sales fraud and that services or products meets the code.

Find a list of current certified backflow device testers here.

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