Galloping Goose

This vehicle is a motor railbus, which was nicknamed "Galloping Goose". It is said to have gotten this name for a couple reasons: the first being that it appeared to "waddle" down the tracks, and the other was that the "goose" had a horn that sounded like a "honk" and not a train whistle.

It was built in 1923 and ran from Willamina to Grand Ronde. It would carry people from regular passengers, mail and even freight at times. The goose could carry up to 14 passengers at a time. It was decommissioned due to the popular demand of the newly established automobile.

The Goose had seen many different owners and home towns over the years. It was found in Fossil, Oregon by vacationing locals, Gary and April Wooden. When interested parties went to see it, it had once again disappeared. It was found again in Parkdale, Oregon. The Willamina E.I.D and the Coastal Hills Chamber of Commerce formed a committee to bring the goose home. It finally came back to Willamina in August of 2007, where it happily becomes a tourist destination and a part of history of Willamina.

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