The Willamina Street Division is responsible for:

  • Street patching –neighborhood streets
  • Street Sweeping
  • Street signs

Street Sweeping

Provides a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for the people who live and visit Willamina. Street Sweeping is preformed to remove debris, dirt, paper, trash, leaves, and other collected in the street gutters. It can also obstruct the storm water facilities, resulting in flooding during heavy rain fall. Sweeping also can get the small particles and pollutants that find their way into waterways and storm collection.

The City of Willamina does street sweeping on a regular basis throughout the community roads to ensure a clean environment for its citizens.

Transportation System Plan (TSP)

A system defined as a combination of elements which produce a demand for travel in a given area with the supply of the transportation services growing to satisfy the demand. This would include a variety of transit options and layouts; bus schedules, road reconfigurations, sidewalks, and street curbs to name a few.

The TSP is a long range plan that would implement elements of transportation to better help the community of Willamina and their means of travel. It considers all types of travel and will provide some guidance on how we would invest in this system through a combination of different projects, programs, and policies that would better meet the needs the city will need as it grows.

You can view the City of Willamina’s TSP plan below.

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