Willamina Master Plans

The Willamina Master Plan is a design that includes analyizes, recommends, and proposes solutions for the economy, housing, transportation, community facilities and land use. It's based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions.


A Master Plan is created by engaging with the community. For example, we gather data like how many cars drive on a certain road. We then analyize the data to see if the issue is worth fixing, patching, or making the road different in any way. Finally we identify and narrow down the options to prepare a strategy for moving forward. Then we track the performance of the project or program.


The goal of having a Master Plan is to document and create a policy that's designed to help our community create a vision of our future. They also help guide communities in decisions on land development use and preservation.


Master Plans are usually reviewed every five (5) years. It's a document that guides the character, growth, and development of a community. The performance of the plan is tracked and taken into account for the next plan's creation.
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