Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a local elected or appointed government board that is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on zoning and long term planning that require the approval of the Council. The Planning Commission might prepare, periodically review, and revise the general plan. An implementation of the plan occurs through the zoning and subdivision ordinances or specific plans.

Planning Commission consist of seven (7) members appointed by City Council. They are the decision makers for the land use of the city. They may address situations like comprehensive plan amendments, zoning codes and zone changes. The members of the commission provide invaluable services to the community for regulating the future growth of the City of Willamina.

Upcoming Meetings

Jun 25 2024

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Planning Commission

Susan Richman Planning Commission Chair - Term Expires 12/2024
Shana Reid Planning Commissioner - Term Expires 12/2024
Ginny Wymore Planning Commissioner - Term Expires 12/2024
Vacant Planning Commissioner - Term Expires 12/2024
Eric Wagner Planning Commissioner - Term Expires 12/2025
Ila Schunter Planning Commission - Term Expires 12/2025
Jennifer Eckels Planning Comissioner - Term Expires 12/2025
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