Planning Permits

Almost all building projects in the City of Willamina require a city-issued permit. Permits allow you or your contractor to proceed with a construction project. They're intended to ensure that projects follow local standards for land use, zoning, and construction. They also ensure the safety of the current and the future occupants for zoning and land-use policy.
Land-Use applications must be submitted complete with associated deposit fee. Further fees will be determined based on review by City Staff. Depending on the type of permit, a Public Hearing and approval by the Planning Commission may be required. Some applications require review by the Planning Commission. For more information or to determine the type of permit call the Planning Clerk at (503) 876-2242.
It is the responsibility of the land owner to check the County for required permit requirements. Currently Polk County has an agreement with Yamhill to process all county building permits through Yamhill County Planning. It is the responsibility of a landowner to contact the County to inquire about any necessary permits.
For information on planning fees, click to view the fee schedule below.
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