Understanding Your Bill

The following is intended to help a single family residential customer understand their utility bill.

1. Account Number: This is your personal account number. Have it ready when you call with questions or to pay your water bill by phone.
2. Bill Date: Beginning of the billing statement date
3. Due Date: Day your water bill payment is due
4. Amount Due: The total amount to be paid on your water bill

5. Meter Reading Detail

  • From and To: These are the billing dates from the start to end of the billing statement
  • Days Used: How many days the water was used
  • Previous: Past usage number
  • Current: Current usage number up to this billing date
  • Usage: How much water was used for this billing cycle

6. Billing Summary

  • Previous Balance: balance from last billing statement
  • Payments: any payment made on last billing cycle
  • Adjustments: Credits on the account either payed or payed back
  • Water – Metered: the amount of water a household used during the time covered on the bill. The water fees consist of three components: service charge (utility rate), meter charge, and volume charge. They are based on consumption and together they make up the total water charge that is seen on the bill. These charges cover the cost of maintaining the city’s drinking water.
  • Sewer: charges pay for the City’s sewer system and is based on how much water you used during a billing cycle period or an average that is based on the usage of your winter bill from the past year, known as “Winter Average” (whichever is lower)
  • Safety Fee: (billed monthly) this fee is to be payed towards the police being able to work out of the city
  • Utility Rate: also known as a service charge and helps pay for the upkeep of the city’s drinking water
  • Pay This Amount: Amount owed at this current billing cycle. Includes all previous balance dues and any payments or adjustments on the account. Please be aware that payments made after the 15th of the month will not be reflected on this statement. 

7. Usage History Chart
This chart shows the usage trend of how much water is being used during the year.

If you have an issue with your uitility bill, please call City Hall at (503) 876-2242.

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