Astronomy Club

Mission Statement

The South Yamhill River Astronomy Club (SYRAC) strives to provide opportunities to all youth and adults who are inspired by the night sky. We hope to accomplish this by being an advocate for Night Sky Preservation, providing Stargazing opportunities to anyone interested in exploring the stars, and by partnering with educational institutions and groups to share our love of the stars to all students.

Club Meetings
3rd Saturday, 6:00 PM @ Willamina Public Library

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4 Types of Astronomy

  1. Astrophysics – applying laws of physics in space
  2. Astrometry – mapping celestial bodies
  3. Astrogeology – examining rocks, terrain, and material in space
  4. Astrobiology – searching for life outside earth

3 Branches of Astronomy

  1.  Atmospheric Science – the study of atmospheres and the weather
  2. Exoplanetology – examining the various planets outside of the solar system
  3. Planetary Formation – like it says, the study of the formation of planets and the moons in the context of formation and evolution of the solar system

Why is astronomy important?

Studying the cosmos beyond our own planet, helps us understand where we come from, and where we are going, also how physics work under conditions which are impossible to recreate on earth. Scientist estimate our galaxy has only 100 billion solar systems and more than 125 billion galaxies that exist. Even though it seems our solar system is a big place, it only represents only a small fraction of the whole universe.


Sarah Frost
382 NE C Street
Willamina, OR 97396
Monday - Thursday : 11:00am - 5:00pm
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