City Projects

The City of Willamina is always working on projects that improve our community. These projects include new construction, expansion, rennovation, or replacement of facilities. They are typically known as Capital Projects and need large grants to start.

Below you can find the status of each project currently underway in the City of Willamina. For more information you can click the links or call City Hall.

Title Project Type Status Year
Water Intake Relocation and Improvement Project Capital Project  Under Construction  2023
Lift Station Capacity Improvement Capital Project  Under Review  2023
Paving of Barber Street Street  Completed  2022
Mercury Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plan  Under Review  2023
Transportation System Plan (TSP)  Completed  2022
Pump Track at Oaken Hills Park Capital Project  Under Construction  2023
Wastewater Master Plan Update  Under Review  2023
Bank Erosion at Huddleston Park at Hampton Pond Capital Project  Under Review  2023


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