Willamina Murder Quilt

It has been 106 years in 2021 since this murder rocked Willamina and began the town’s most famous scandal.

Willamina brick plant. The next day his wife, Anna and his cousin, William Branson, were arrested for his murder. During the first trial the women of Willamina who were waiting to testify started work on a signature quilt with dates, names, and other pertinent information about the murder. It became the Willamina Murder Quilt.

  • Clue #1 Godsey's store where William said he was when the murder happened.
  • Clue #2 Some of the ladies of Willamina who may have made the quilt.
  • Clue #3 Yamhill County Courthouse where the trial took place.
  • Clue #4 The road going past the brick plant. William was supposed to have taken this road while Anna took the shortcut over the hill for their rendezvous.

Read more in the book Fancy Work The Willamina Murder Quilt

It’s a 100 year old murder mystery that’s never been solved.
Who killed Billy Booth on Oct. 8, 1915?
Why was the Willamina Murder quilt made?
Someone confessed to the murder a couple years later, Anna and the man charged were released, so the story goes.

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