Point-in-Time Homeless Count

JanJanuary 24 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm Willamina Public Library

382 NE C Street, Willamina, OR 97396

Yamhill County is striving to end homelessness and to better serve and assist those experiencing homelessness.

Are you:

  • Living somewhere outside?
  • Couch surfing?
  • Living with more than one family in a household?
  • Living in a vehicle?
  • Living in a shelter or hotel?

How do I get counted?

Visit Willamina Public Library from 9am – 5pm on Wednesday Jan. 24th. Or call 503-687-1494 for other drop-sites.

Food, socks and gloves, tarps, and other survival supplies available at drop-in sites

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