Ordinance 560: Portland General Electric Agreement


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An ordinance granting Portland General Electric Company, an
Oregon corporation, its successors and assigns, for a period
of twenty years from and after the effective date of this
ordinance, the right and privilege to erect, construct,
maintain and operate within the corporate limits of the City
of Willamina, Oregon, as such limits now exist or may be
hereafter constituted, an electric light and power system
with poles, wires, fixtures, underground circuits and
equipment necessary or convenient to supply said City and the
inhabitants thereof and others with electric energy for
light, power and other purposes, upon, over, along, under and
across the streets, alleys, roads and other public ways and
places within the corporate limits of said City, fixing the
terms and conditions thereof, providing for the manner of
determination of the effective date thereof, repealing all
ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith: and
declaring an emergency.

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