Document Types: Ordinances

Ordinance 613: Business Licenses

An ordinance amending resolution no. 96-97-08 which sets fees for busienss licesnse for business doing business in the City of Willamina.

Ordinance 112: Public Dance

An Ordinance amending general ordinance #21 entitles an ordinance to provide for licensing and regulating the public dance in the City of Willamina

Ordinance 261

An Ordinance vacating the following portion of First Street extended in the City of Willamina

Ordinance 278

An Ordinance for the prevention of dangerous and nuisance buildings and structures; defining the same; providing for punishment for maintaining the same; providing for the abatement and removal thereof and the charging of the cost of such removal or abatement against the property

Ordinance 340: Street Permits

An Ordinance requiring a permit for alteration to public streets and sidewalks; establishing fees therefor; providing standards for issuance of permits; describing the duties of officers

Ordinance 344: Alcohol

An Ordinance amending sections 1 and 18 of ordinance No. 244 relating to alcoholic liquor

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